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Las Vegas 2017
International Convention

Barberhshop Harmony Society

Sweet Adelines International

Harmony Foundation

July 1-8, 2018

Mid Winter Convention - Jan 16-21, 2018
Orange County

See articles about correct vocal production at:

2009 Performances
Rehearsal Plans
2009 Music Plan
Tuesday Dec 22, 2009 Oct-Nov-Dec

Let's Just Have Some Fun
7:30 PM

2009 Christmas Songlist
2010 Show Songlist


We, The Ches-Mont Jubilaires, Pottstown Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society, in an effort to fulfill the chapter's Mission, Vision and Core Values, have made the following commitments.
Chorus Member
  • Unit Sound
  • Blend + Balance
  • Assuring Variety in Rehearsals
  • Encourage Singer Participation
  • Opportunities for Coaching
  • Valuable Sectional Time
  • Better Song Selection
  • Learn Notes + Words Accurately
  • Bring Guests
  • Work More ON Presentation
  • More Focus On The Director
  • Ensemble Coordination
  • MOre fFocus in Sectionals
  • More Public Relations

Mid-Atlantic District

Harmony Marketplace

The Harmonizer

Updated March 29, 2006